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How does it work?

Memento Mori Shop is a playful and unique way to buy custom art for your home. The shop offers a range of ready-made illustrations of objects, from blocks of cheese and bottles of wine, to animals and a human skull. As a customer, you select and purchase as few or as many objects as you wish. Daniel Carlsten then uses your order to create a unique still-life composition that is printed on fine art paper and sent to you by mail.


1. You choose your favourite objects from the shop.


2. You pay for the objects, plus printing and shipping.


3. Daniel makes a composition, have it printed and sent to you. 


Who is Daniel Carlsten?

Daniel Carlsten is a Swedish illustrator, designer and art director commissioned by brands such as Herman Miller, Nowness, Svenskt Tenn, Rimowa, C&A and Steidl Verlag as well as being represented at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Rööhska Museum in Gothenburg.     

Selected examples of commercial work can be found at and Instagram

For illustration commissions please contact Victoria Vingtdeux at Atelier22 Paris.

“Memento Mori Shop is my playground. It is my humble nod to René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images and a tribute to the many still life paintings of the 16th and 17th century where common domestic objects were imbued with symbolic meaning. With this shop, I want to translate this tradition into the 21st century.”


Can I choose as many objects as I like?
How big are the prints?
Do I get to approve the print before you send it?
What does Memento Mori mean?

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