Memento Mori is latin for Remember that you are mortal. It is a medieval concept that reflects on mortality and the fleeting nature of life. In art, the term Vanitas is used to describe still lifes that deal with these notions. Especially those associated with the still life paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries in the Netherlands, which commonly depict symbols of mortality (skulls, fruit, flowers, insects etc) arranged on a table in a dimly lit room.

Memento Mori Shop offers the opportunity of putting together a still life with symbolic objects from the past and from today, in a minimalistic style that aims to stand the test of time. The result is a picture that tells something about you, hence being a reminder of the incredible fact that you are alive. 

Maria van Oosterwijck (1630–1693)  Vanitas with Sunflower and Jewelry Box , c. 1665

Maria van Oosterwijck (1630–1693)
Vanitas with Sunflower and Jewelry Box, c. 1665


I am a Swedish independent art director, graphic designer and commercial illustrator. Throughout the years I have worked with a wide and international group of clients and projects, including Herman Miller, Svenskt Tenn, Acne, Wired UK, Dwell Magazine, Nowness, Osteria Fransescana, Spritmuseum, Bozarthfornell Architects, Oscar Properties and Steidl Verlag. Some of my work is represented in the permanent collections of the National Museum of Art & Design in Stockholm and the Rööhska Museum in Gothenburg.     

My commercial work can be found here and here